Dylan Andrews

Dylan Andrews is a recent graduate from the University of the West of England, where he achieved a BA (hons) in Drawing and Applied Arts. He was born and raised in the heart of the South Wales valleys but currently lives in Bristol, where he is currently working on new art projects, as well as commissioned work.

Andrews’ artwork largely centres around portraiture and realist studies of the human form. His work often places an emphasis on manipulating light and shadow in order to construct dramatic and intense atmospheres. His work is created with charcoal, which compliments his love for experimenting with light and shade.

The themes of Andrews' work focus around the subject of identity, in particular the ways in which we both consciously and subconsciously mask and distort our own identities in order to portray a certain persona. Some of these are self-portraits, and some are portraits of friends or family, with each portrait containing ambiguous patterns forming over the subjects face. Each subject has their own unique mask of shadow, or areas of distortion, the contrast of which aims to be a visual representation of a conflict of identity.

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